Lapis lazuli earrings, silver clasp Ag925

Lapis lazuli earrings, silver clasp Ag925.

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Lapis lazuli earrings, silver clasp Ag925.

Lapis lazuli earrings, silver clasp Ag925.

A bracelet from lapis lazuli, rose quartz and garnet  or bracelet from lapis lazuli, calcite and garnet would go well with these earrings.

Lapis lazuli (Lazurite) – a protective stone that can recognise the threat of a mental attack and stop it, reflecting the attacking energy back. It puts the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes into a state of balance. It also encourages higher mental capabilities, allows for objective and clear vision, helps develop creativity, facilitates the expression of one’s own opinion and brings harmony into conflict. It opens the third eye and maintains the balance of the neck chakra.

Cleansing and recharging:

One of the easiest ways to cleanse your earrings is to bury it in sea salt for a period of time no longer than 3 days and to recharge it for a few hours by exposing it to daylight, but not direct sunlight. In order for the stones to help you and only give out positive energy, you must regularly cleanse and recharge them.


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