Custom bracelet from Citrine, Fluorite, Garnet and Smoky Quartz

Custom bracelet from Citrine, Fluorite, Garnet and Smoky Quartz, strung on a silon line, mechanical ball clasp from surgical steel.

For wrists with a circumference up to 18.5cm. Instructions: how to choose bracelet size.

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Custom bracelet from Citrine, Fluorite, Garnet and Smoky Quartz.

Custom bracelet from Citrine, Fluorite, Garnet and Smoky Quartz, strung on a silon line, mechanical ball clasp from surgical steel.

For wrists with a circumference up to 18.5cm. Instructions: how to choose bracelet size.

Citrine – a stone that stores solar energy and is a crystal that acts in an exceptionally beneficial manner. It transfers warmth and energy to its owner, greatly enhances creative abilities and motivation, and strengthens individuality. It absorbs, transforms, disperses and grounds negative energy. Brings energy to all levels of life, strengthens intuition, is capable of purifying chakras –  especially the solar plexus and naval chakras. It is a stone of abundance, teaching us how to attract wealth, prosperity and success. It is endowed with the power to provide happiness to anyone who possesses this crystal. It serves very well to solidify relationships between groups or family, where quarrels are prevalent. Citrine strengthens concentration and adds power to the mind. Works well to overcome depression, fears and phobias, bringing pleasure and joy to life.

Fluorite – a crystal gifted with a strong protective force, particularly on a spiritual level. It purifies and stabilises the aura. Works extremely well against the harmful influences of computers and electromagnetic devices, blocks geopathic zones, chases away negative energy and disturbances of all kinds. Fluorite adds stability to groups that bind together to achieve a common goal, is capable of managing chaos and  bring together the physical, emotional and spiritual  aspects of the personality. Increases self-confidence, skill, physical and spiritual coordination. Facilitates the overcoming of spiritual problems, removes illusions and reveals truth. Fluorite helps learning excellently: it can organise and process information, increase concentration, helps digest new information and increases the speed of thinking.

Garnet – a stone with a strong ability to supply energy. It encourages love and devotion, fosters strong relationships and an interest in others, and corrects emotional disharmony. Garnet is a useful stone in times of crisis. It adds strength and courage and brings hope into seemingly hopeless situations. This stone also helps overcome various resistances and subconscious inner barriers, prohibitions and taboos. It opens up the heart and increases self-confidence.

Smoky quartz (a brown-grey variety of quartz) – this is one of the most effective grounding stones and is an excellent remedy against stress. It adds strength when one needs to make decisions. This stone gently removes geopathogenic stress, absorbs electromagnetic smog, and promotes excretion and detoxification at all levels. It fills space with positive vibrations. Smoky quartz teaches us how to say goodbye to everything that does not serve its purpose. At a mental level, it brings relief from fear, scatters depression, and induces a state of emotional calm. This crystal suppresses nightmares and clarifies the meanings of dreams. It works very well in treatment associated with radioactivity or chemotherapy, and it also brings relief from pain.

Cleansing and recharging:

One of the easiest ways to cleanse your bracelet is to bury it in sea salt for a period of time no longer than 3 days and to recharge it for a few hours by exposing it to daylight, but not direct sunlight. In order for the stones to help you and only give out positive energy, you must regularly cleanse and recharge them.


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