Bracelet from nephrite and rhodochrozite, width 15mm

Bracelet from nephrite and rhodochrozite, strung on a silicone thread. For wrists with a circumference between 15 and 16cm, width 15mm. Instruction: how to choose bracelet size.

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Bracelet from nephrite and rhodochrozite, width 15mm.

Bracelet from nephrite and rhodochrozite, strung on a silicone thread. For wrists with a circumference between 15 and 16cm, width 15mm. Instructions: how to choose bracelet size.

Nephrite – has long been known as a powerful healer, and even today, in the twenty-first century, has been shown to have many useful properties in the treatment of kidney and urinary illnesses, as well-being useful in massages and rehabilitation aids as a soothing remedy. Despite the magical properties of nephrite, it depends primarily on the individual. The stone forces its bearer to change for the better and to overestimate the depths of their deeds. If the colour of your nephrite turns dark and cloudy, it is an opportunity to rethink your path. Any person that is attempting to change their life can rely on the help of this stone: it will always add strength to get out of a dead-end and will contribute to a positive change.

Rhodochrosite – a stone with dynamic positive gradients that brings love and compassion to one’s life. Positively influences hearts and relationships – particularly helps people who feel unloved and helps the heart understand how to deal with pain without closing itself off and how to cope with rejection. It increases awareness of one’s own value and reduces stress. Encourages a positive attitude and facilitates the development of dreams and creativity. As well as chases away states of depression and brings light into life.

Cleansing and recharging:

One of the easiest ways to cleanse your bracelet is to bury it in sea salt for a period of time no longer than 3 days and to recharge it for a few hours by exposing it to daylight, but not direct sunlight. In order for the stones to help you and only give out positive energy, you must regularly cleanse and recharge them.


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