The “leaf” bracelet has an adjustable “leaf” that you can use to customize the wrist circumference according to your wrist.

First remove the adjustable “leaf” from the hook and try it without “leaf”: wrap the bracelet around your wrist and hook it into one of the three “leaves” at the end of the bracelet. If one of the sizes suits you and everything is as you imagined, you can now simply enjoy your bracelet.

If none of the sizes suit you, put the adjustable “leaf” back. You have three more options regarding where you hook the open eyelet of the adjustable “leaf”: into the eyelet next to a bead, into a spiral, or into the end of the selected “leaf” (see photo below).

Try out which size suits you most and close the adjustable “leaf” eyelet at the selected location. Close the eyelet of the adjustable “leaf” by turning the eyelet and the “leaf” itself toward you. If you’re having trouble doing it by hand, you could use household tools or special pliers to help you (see photo below).

If you have a smaller wrist, you may want to shorten the bracelet. In this case, you will need to open the “leaf” eyelet you want to remove: turn the eyelet and the bead away from yourself. To do this, use the tools shown in the photos below, but a toothpick could also be enough if you put it into the “leaf” eyelet and turn the free end of the eyelet.

Good luck!

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