• Magnetic clasp:

Magnetické zapinání / Magnetic claspA bracelet with a magnetic clasp can be quickly closed and opened. This clasp may not always be particularly safe or secure.

You need to be careful when wearing long-sleeved clothing, as it is possible for the bracelet to catch and open itself while you put on or take off a jacket or coat.


  • Mechanical ball clasp from surgical steel:

Mechanické zapínáni na kuličku / Mechanical ball clasp

This is a safe clasp which reduces the chance of an accidental opening and loss, however closing the bracelet around your wrist may take a few moments.





  • The bracelets on rubber bands:

Náramek z nefritu a rodochrozitu / Bracelet from nephrite and rhodochrozite

The bracelets on rubber bands are very comfortable, but you need to be careful of items with sharp edges, watches, zips, etc.


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